Thursday, June 22, 2006

Fireworks and commuting

(twice weekly firework display during the summer)

We fluff ourselves out like birds on the early morning commuter train into The Loop.
We try to make ourselves seem bigger so that people at the next station wont push on board then we can have a bit of space to ourselves. The guard knows this trick.
”Let ‘em come on board”, he bawls marching up and down the platform waving his wooden baton.
”let ‘em come on board!”.
He pushes more people on at Clark/Division on this Monday morning so that we are packed so close its impossible to move except I am right up against some guy whose hands are free. He feels my bum. I cant turn round to see his face. I cant kick. He knows it. All the way into town he is at it. Finally the passengers disperse. I look around . He has jumped off - a smart looking Hispanic guy with a brief case. Who would have thought?.... He avoids my gaze.

Seahorses in The Shedd Aquarium

This is a short student film I made for my Public Art project but it never got shown because I could not get permission to show it in The Shedd Aquarium-my phone calls, e-mails went unanswered. In the end I did another project based around The Centre for Older Adults. ( Forth church, Michigan Avenue.)


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