Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tania Brugera - Cuban performance artist

Went to see Tania Brugera do a trial run of her performance before she goes to the
Korean Biennial, except for the class performance she keeps her clothes on.

In South Korea she will sit in the centre of a room on the floor with walls lined with ships fleeces. She will spit on to a stone and every few seconds the room will be plunged into darkness and the sound of sheep ( my Welsh sheep recorded last time I was in Wales) will flood through the space.

So Tania does a dry run. It’s powerful stuff though I have not the slightest idea what it is about and I dare not show my ignorance by asking.

There’s a break for soft drinks and cocktail food. I marvel at the Performance Dep. It seems a lot more civilised and sophisticated than our lot in Video.

Another girl does her performance piece. Its an endurance project of her blowing up a large phallic shaped balloon.
But she didn’t appreciate the symbolism.
I hint at this to the tutor, a mild mannered middle aged man. He smiles and nods.
“She doesn't realise does she?”
“Why is her work not criticised?”
“Making work is difficult. It’s too easy to destroy it.”

Visit to the Green Mill Jazz club

I was invited to film this visiting artist/singer through a friend at the Three Arts club who was herself an opera student and sang earlier in the show.


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